Where you’re at is a good thing…

Where you’re at is a good thing… I do not consider myself inspirational.  I also do not feel like a woman with alot of self esteem or ‘got it togetherness’.  I do consider myself a ‘keep at it’, ‘don’t give up’ kinda gal.  Perhaps with a dash of hard work and ‘fake it till you make it-ness’.

So, when life gets busy and hectic, and things are wonky like they have been in our lives lately, it’s easy to find fault on myself.  Do you do that?  I do.  Hence, this post.



Kids are sick, I’m sick, husband is workig 24/7.  Days are blurry right now.  Nights have run into days.  I have no bedtime and no wake up time.  So, when life is like this–which let’s face it, my life will be like this for another 5-7 years easily, it’s easy to fall face first into comparison, jealously, and ‘what is wrong with me?!’ syndrome.

I jumped online this morning while working on transitioning my blog and all the hub bub going along with that and saw lots of blog posts from other homeschool moms in my inbox.

“How to stay on schedule”

“How to organize your pantry”

“Getting dressed in cute clothes everyday is the key to success”

“You are the runner of your household, you hold the keys”

Now, let me tell ya…these ladies have good intentions.  They have good advice.  And heck y’all, I agree with them!  However, if I were to start trying to follow all the tips and comparing myself to every homeschooling mom out there, I’d be a totally different person.  Not Liz.  Different.  Good different?  Perhaps.  Improved?  Most likely.  However, the person God made me to be would be buried.

Is this making sense?

I’m a comparaholic.  She does her schedule this way..I should too! It could be child rearing, calendar time, Bible study, house cleaning….ANYTHING and I feel like it trumps me and I’m a total failure at this Christian Mother thing.

Then, God kinda nudged at me this morning as I came to from my 30 minute nap at 6 am on the couch before I started my day and the boys crunched cereal into the floor…..I’m God’s creation TODAY.  Yesterday I was who I was created to be..and tomorrow I’ll be who I’m supposed to be in His image then too.  Believing in Jesus has power to help you out like that.  If you don’t know Him, I suggest you set up a lil coffee date and chat with Him.

You may look at my life and feel like I’m doing so much and think it’s just peachy.  Don’t do that.  You’re on your own walk and journey.  Let’s just love each other, ok?

I know I can always improve.  I read blogs and talk to other moms to do just THAT.  We always want to get better…and that’s normal!  However, in that process, have peace that all you’re doing today is just perfect in the Father’s eyes.

He loves ya!  He loves me!  We’re good enough fat or thin, in jammies or dressed, homeschooling or public schooling, sticky floors or un-potty trained 3 year olds.  Follow Jesus and just keep moving in the direction you should be.

Have a beautiful day friends!


  1. Love this. It’s the truth. It’s easy, especially as females, to focus on what we aren’t doing right when we could be focusing on what we are doing right…..because there will ALWAYS be room for improvement.

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